Subsea Manifold and X-MAS Tree
Surface And Sub-Surface Network Design And Modeling
Subsurface Well Design And Well Completion Design
Modeling of Wells and Production Network
Dynamic Reservoir Simulation
PVT And Flow Assurance
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We are a leading Upstream & Downstream Oil & Gas Consultancy and Software Provider. We specialized in providing Fit to Purpose Customized Solutions, Software & Proven Tools is to optimize Increase Oil Production, Optimum Reservoir Management and minimize Operating Cost as well as Capital Investment. The main focus area of the Company is to provide proven technologies & solutions which include:

  • Reservoir Management Technologies & solutions
  • Production Enhancement Solutions
  • Advance Well Completions Design & Implementation

(ICD-Inflow Control Device, Smart Completions, Reservoir & Production Monitoring Technologies, various Multilateral Wells Design & Implementation including Smart / Intelligent Multilateral)

    • Downhole Gauges
    • Pressure Temperature-Flow Measurement Technologies
    • Well-wise & Field wide Production Metering (Oil Rate, Water Rate, Gas Rate) on real time
    • Immediate Well Integrity Detection & Management (Casing Leaks, Cement Channels, Water Production behind Casing, Well completion Leaks) with Production Data
    • Real time Diagnosis & Remedial Recommendation of increasing Water & Gas Productions
    • Flow Assurance Detection & Managements (Emulsion, Asphaltene Deposition, Wax Deposition, Scale Deposition)
    • Sand Control & Sand Production Management
    • Well Workover Management Rig & Drilling Activity Management
    • Real-time Water Injection Monitoring & Management


Our services include Production Network Modeling & Design, Pipe Line Modeling, Platform Slot Design, Subsea Wellhead & X-MAS Tree Design and Pipe Line Leaks and Corrosion Monitoring Services.

Our Services


The POAS PVT software, generates the expanded analysis of Reservoir Fluids by characterizing the oil up to SCN 121+. This helps in accurate prediction of PVT phase envelopes, characterization of Saturates, Aromatics, Resin and Asphaltene.

Multiphase Transient Well Model

The POASWellMod solutions based upon the POASPVT platform is a Multiphase (3-4 Phase - Gas, Oil, Water & Solid) Transient Well Model. This well model is also equipped with Gas Lift, ESP, Rod Lift and other Artificial Lift Transient Modeling to help operator


POAS Team has extensive experience in Surface & Subsurface Modeling, Production Technology Solutions and we provide customized fit to purpose solutions for enhancing sustained crude production and improve economic performance of reservoir.

Advance Well Completion Design and Implementation

We are proficient in designing and installation of the Advanced Wells as per reservoir requirements to enhance sustained well productivity. The advance wells assist in achieving production targets by minimizing the Capital

Artificial Lift Monitoring, Diagnosis and Production

The Production Loss due to Artificial Lift malfunction & none optimal performance, ESP tripping, ESP failures, degrading ESP performance, rise in Water Cut and GOR, Well Integrity and Well Productivity decline are the major challenges worldwide

Sand Control

We provide Sand Control Solutions to client with our vast experience in sand control including horizontal wells sand control, frac pack, gravel pack, openhole gravel pack, expandable sand screens and related operations for challenging sand control environments,

Matured Field Rejuvenation

Our Expertise Extends to Mature Field Rejuvenation by recommending infill well locations, type of wells (Horizontal, Vertical, deviated, Smart Multilaterals, Multilateral, ICD completions, Intelligent Completion) to control excess water production and maximize oil production.

Unconventional Reservoir Development

We have Proprietary technology for Tight Carbonate and Shale Oil / Gas Unconventional Reservoirs,We have advanced Multizone Fracturing Design Simulation Model, We have advanced Multizone Fracturing Design Simulation Model to effectively design

Production Network
Flow assurance & Pipeline Modeling

The POAS Multiphase Transient Modeling Platform are highly effective in modeling Pipeline Hydraulics and determines, Pipeline flow efficiency, Hydraulics (Pressure, Temperature, Mass Balance).

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